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What can I do for you?

I am an illustrator and mentor based in Finland. I love telling stories with images, but I am also devoted to helping other creative professionals to find their voice and focus, in order to unleash their creativity. At the moment I offer online portfolio analysis and one-on-one mentoring. Learn more and get started HERE.

Who can I help?

You are in the right place, whether you are a hiding self-taught talent with a burning passion, just starting out your creative career or an already established professional. I am here to help you to achieve your full potential as a creative professional.

Where am I?

I operate worldwide as my mentoring primarily take place online. All of my services are available in English as well as in Finnish.

Laura Lightlake, illustrator & mentor

Laura holds a Master of Arts degree in Art Education and is finalizing her Doctor of Arts (DA) studies at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her Doctoral Dissertation focuses on finding out what is the creative process of illustrating a picturebook like.

Laura has worked as an acclaimed illustrator for over a decade now and taught at the departments of Art and Media in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture since 2011. She was in charge of designing, launching and teaching the first ever illustration studies at the university level in Finland, when illustration minor studies began in Aalto University in 2016. When Laura isn’t deep diving into the world of illustrations, she can usually be found enjoying delicacies at the local pastry shops or in her kitchen making new pastry innovations.



My story

I am an illustrator and mentor based in Finland. Laura Lightlake is my birth name – Laura Valojärvi – in English. For me illustration has always been the most interesting, exciting, versatile and fascinating form of art. It mesmerized me already when I was two years old, and it still does every single day. By following my childhood dream I became an illustrator. But following your dream does not always mean that it will be easy. Choosing the career of a creative professional brings you most amazing moments of flow, inspiration and joy, but often it also means inviting uncertainty, creative anxiety, loneliness and lack of proper feedback into your life. Creative or professional challenges should not prevent you from reaching your highest potential and living the life that you want to live. I am here to help you thrive in what only you can do best.


I left from every conversation I had with Laura with a huge self-confidence, believing in my own skills. Her feedback and comments were really informative and top-quality and the tasks she gave me were very well designed just for me and my special needs.

Former client


Laura’s way of coaching is top-quality. Well prepared, informative, professional. You can strongly feel her passion towards the subject, and that is what made me inspired as well.

Former client


Laura is one of the best mentors that I know. Unbelievably inspiring and professional!

Former client


The most important thing for me was that “kick in the butt”, that opened my eyes for the fact that it is possible to do the things that I am good at and that I love.

Former client


Laura approached me with a gentle and firm support from the first moment. She immediately created a safe space for big dreams and then offered real tools for materialising the vision. The professional advise felt retailed for my personal needs. I would recommend working with Laura for anyone who feels stagnation on their creative journey and who needs help with definition and strengthening of their personal style and business skills.

Former client

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